If you go out in your neighborhood right now and start looking at the siding of each house, what you most likely will notice is that many homes have vinyl siding. In fact, it is by far more common than any other siding material.

The main reason for this is that vinyl siding is a lot cheaper than other types of siding, but it is also fairly durable and low maintenance.

Many of the common problems that other types of siding experience are not a problem with vinyl. Unlike metal siding, vinyl is hard to dent and will not rust. Unlike wood siding, vinyl will not rot or attract wood-boring insects.

To keep your siding looking good, a pressure wash will take care of any dirt or mold buildup. Additionally, the color does not fade easily.

You do want to exercise care when grilling too close to the siding, as extreme heat could make it melt. If you live in an area where it gets very cold, that could turn the vinyl brittle and make it more prone to breaking.

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