Despite the fact that we live in a modern society, wildlife can still cause quite a deal of trouble to homeowners.

Usually wildlife will come into your area looking for food, shelter or water, so your job is to keep them from finding access to those items around your home.

Fencing can be effective against many types of wildlife, but if there is something attractive enough to them near your home, they will find a way around this.

For smaller creatures such as squirrels and rodents, placing grates on exhausts and other places that allow access into your home can be an effective deterrent.

There are some animals that are actually very beneficial and do not need to be controlled. Bats for example will greatly reduce the mosquito population around their habitat.

If you have a vegetable garden, rabbits might be a major concern for you. If you try controlling them using a fence, it needs to be buried at least six inches beneath the surface.