What is a sump pump? Simply put, it’s a pump that is situated in your basement preventing water from flooding your basement. They predominantly are found in homes that are situated in areas that are flat, where heavy rains are common.

What happens is that the level of the groundwater rises and makes it in to your basement through cracks in the foundation. The pump sits in a trench under the lowest part of your basement and is equipped with a sensor that will turn the pump on when the water level is rising. You can test the operation of your sump pump for yourself by pouring some water into the trench and making sure that the pump turns on. Well maintained, your pump will last about ten years before it needs a replacement. It is important that you keep it clean and regularly check that the float that turns on the pump is not stuck. You should be more attentive to this when seasons change or if it has not have been used for a while.


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