With most things in life, everything turns out better if you prepare for it. Knowing what you will do beforehand can give you confidence as well as making you react faster. This is definitely true when it comes to natural disasters. Those that think that it won’t happen to them usually have a harder time adapting to the quickly changing circumstances they might find themselves in when a disaster occurs.

This is why it is recommended that you have a go-bag prepared that contains all the essentials you would need to survive for a few days if you had to leave your home unexpectedly.

If you get advance warning and have time to make preparations, you can do 3 simple things to minimize the risk of your home being destroyed in a disaster. That is turn off your water, turn off your electricity and turn off your gas. If there is a leak of gas or water, or a short in your electrical system, your home could have extensive damage or be lost completely.

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