Those of us that are pet owners know that you can become very attached to an animal, but for certain individuals, they can pose a health problem.

If you have bought a new home, there is a possibility that the dander from previous pets is still in the house. The dander is what causes an allergic reaction in those who have a sensitivity.

If you are suffering from allergies, a thorough cleaning might be needed to make sure that any trace of previous pets are removed.

If the house is carpeted, a special HEPA vacuum is needed, since most regular vacuums will cause the pet dander to become airborne, thus worsening the condition.

You should also have a professional duct cleaning performed.

If you have a pet, but are experiencing problems with allergies, there are some steps you can take to decrease or even remove the symptoms all together. Bathe your pet regularly. This will greatly lessen the amount of dander that they shed. Spaying and neutering your pets also lessens the amount of allergen that your pet produces.

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