Do you feel like you are suffering from allergies all year round? Maybe you have irritation of your eyes, nose, and lungs, or a constantly running nose? If the symptoms go away when you leave your home, chances are that you have a mold problem.

Wherever there is a source of moisture, the conditions exist for mold growth. The obvious culprits are leaking pipes and fixtures or leaks from the outside, but there could also be condensation forming on cold surfaces of your house that collects and encourages mold growth.

Whenever you find dampness, do the research to find the source and remedy the problem.

Prevention goes a long way in keeping mold at bay. When there are rainstorms you want to follow up with a survey of the outside and inside of your house to find any places where water might collect and cause a problem.

Your bathroom, as well as other areas where water is used, should be kept as dry as possible. Do not let wet towels or clothes sit for long periods of time, but instead hang them in a well ventilated area to dry.