Rodents Р they carry disease and do damage to your property, so keeping them out of your home is very important. The problem is, however, that they are everywhere and once they have made your home their home, it is really difficult to get rid of them.

Usually, there are some signs that you can be on the lookout for to let you know that there are rodents in your home. For instance, you can notice a musty, stale smell coming from places where they hide out. They like dark places where they can hide, so keeping the area in and around your home uncluttered is an important first step. You might also be able to notice nesting materials gathered together. Rats will usually use whatever is available, such as, paper they have shredded up, or some type of fabric.

It might also be possible to spot where the rodents have gained access into your home. They might have scratched their way through a crumbling cement wall or a wooden part of your house. If you see damage like that, patch it up with a sturdy metal mesh, or something similar, to prevent further access.

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