If you own an older, gas powered appliance, you might find that it has a pilot light for igniting the natural gas. Unlike modern, electrical ignition mechanisms, a pilot light is always on, ready to ignite the natural gas.

There are many reasons why pilot lights fell out of use. One is that it will be a constant drain on your natural gas. While a pilot light doesn’t use a lot of gas, it will be burning 24 hours each day for 365 days out of the year. While it might not be much, it definitely adds up over the year. Another concern with pilot lights is the danger that they will be extinguished but the gas will continue seeping out. While many appliances have fail-safes to prevent the gas from continuing to leak, this is not necessarily what you want to bet your home and your family’s safety on. If you have an appliance with a pilot light, it might be time to look into upgrading to a more modern appliance.

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