Cooking food at home can be very enjoyable, but it does also release a lot of grease and steam into the air. Where does it all go? Preferably, it should go up your kitchen exhaust fan, or range hood. This is very important, since you otherwise could get stuck with smells, as well as, moisture damage left behind in your kitchen.

A kitchen exhaust fan should ideally be mounted right above the stove top so as to catch as much as possible of the fumes. The fan should be powerful enough to move all the air necessary, and the ducts leading away from the fan should go as straight as possible and vent outside, away from any air intakes, windows or doors. It is very important that the vent is covered so that bugs and pests aren’t attracted to the smells coming from your kitchen. If there are filters in your kitchen exhaust fan, you should make sure to clean them, since the abundance of fat that can collect in them could pose a fire hazard.

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