Wall anchors are your best friend if you live in a home that has drywall. Mounting anything on the wall can be a real pain when the material you are trying to attach it to has very little strength. By inserting a wall anchor you can create a mounting point that can take quite a bit of weight. There are many different types of wall anchors, and they are rated for different weights. Some of them are installed with a section that goes in behind the wall to give some extra support, but the most commonly used ones are plastic anchors that are expanded when a screw goes through them. Be careful not to overload an anchor, because if one pulls out of the wall it could lead to a very unsightly hole that will be tricky to repair. You also should make sure that the drywall where you are mounting an anchor isn’t in bad shape. If the drywall has become soft or mushy, the anchor might not be able to remain seated.

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