While cribs aren’t usually the subject of a home inspection, the same principles that are used to inspect a home could be used to ensure that your child’s crib is a safe place for them to sleep. Paying attention to a few details can mean the difference between life and death for your child.

Sadly, deaths in cribs are much too common, and while some are unexplained, there are some that can be attributed to the crib itself. You should make sure that all the hardware is installed correctly and firmly. There shouldn’t be any gaps where your child could get a limb or its head stuck. You also should avoid having loose items such as blankets and toys in the crib. The baby could get tangled in these things.

Sometimes, there will be recalls on cribs because of safety issues. You should pay attention to these, since they usually come after there has already been an incident that showed the crib to be unsafe.

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